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No Dairy After Dental Implant Surgery - Why?

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Blond Boy Drinking Milk in Charleston, WVAfter receiving your dental implants, an oral surgeon or dentist will give you a set of instructions that you have to adhere to in order to ensure a smooth healing process. These may include avoiding brushing the operation site and consuming soft foods or liquids. In addition to these dos and don'ts, you also want to pay attention to one piece of information that is crucial for proper and smooth healing. You have to avoid dairy products.

Give Yourself Time to Heal

Once the surgery is complete, you need to allow time to heal. There will be some signs of pain and discomfort. Nonetheless, this is expected and is actually part of the healing process. It is advised that you rest, relax, and avoid strenuous activities. You may be prescribed OTC medication to tackle the pain you have. In the next few days, you will notice that the swelling, pain, and discomfort you have has begun to fade away.

Now, What About Dairy?

You may wonder why you should not consume dairy products after oral surgery. Dairy products provide protein and calcium, which are important for the health of the gums, teeth, and jawbone. However, they are associated with an inflammatory response.

One thing you don't want to exacerbate during this time is the inflammation. The body's natural defense and healing process is also triggering an inflammatory response. Therefore, you don't want it to go beyond this point. If it happens, it can impact how your mouth is healing after surgery. When you allow inflammation to continue, it could bring problems with the implants and the process of osseointegration.

Again, dairy can trigger vomiting or nausea as it happens with those who have serious lactose intolerance. These activities can make the stomach acids get to the mouth and impact the operated site as well as the teeth.

If you anticipate getting dental implant surgery, ensure that you don't consume dairy in the days following the surgery. You may consider protein sources like protein powders and dairy-free smoothies. The good thing with protein is that it helps repair tissues while also fighting off infections. Visit us today for your oral surgery needs and our dental surgeon will help you.

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