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Dental Technology

Futuristic image of a tooth from Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery
Many of the surgical treatments we provide are safer and more effective thanks to improved dental technology. From treatment planning to restoration design, new technology has enriched almost every aspect of modern oral surgery. New technology is constantly changing the way we treat, diagnose, and even prevent oral health problems.

At Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery, we stay up-to-date on the latest technology for the benefit of our patients. We place your well-being above all else and spare no expense when it comes to your personalized care. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art oral surgery facility, you have come to the right place!

Image SprintRay 3D Printing System used at Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery

SprintRay 3D Printing System

The SprintRay 3D printing system for dental implant arches is a specialized solution tailored for dental professionals. It offers high-precision printing, advanced biocompatible materials, and a user-friendly workflow. This system integrates seamlessly with digital dentistry workflows, ensuring accuracy and consistency. With high throughput capabilities and reliable support, SprintRay provides scalable solutions for dental practices and laboratories, enabling efficient production of high-quality dental implant restorations.

Benefits for the Patient

The SprintRay 3D printing system for dental implant arches offers several benefits for patients:
Improved Accuracy: SprintRay's high-precision printing ensures that dental implant arches are accurately fabricated, leading to better-fitting restorations. This can result in improved comfort and function for patients.
Customization: The 3D printing technology allows for customization of dental implant arches based on each patient's unique oral anatomy. This customization can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the dental restoration, leading to greater patient satisfaction.
Faster Turnaround Time: SprintRay's high throughput capabilities enable dental professionals to produce dental implant arches more quickly compared to traditional manufacturing methods. This means shorter waiting times for patients, allowing them to receive their dental restorations in a timely manner.
Biocompatible Materials: SprintRay utilizes biocompatible materials that are safe for use in the mouth. This ensures that patients do not experience adverse reactions to the dental implant arches and promotes better overall oral health.
Minimized Discomfort: With precise fitting restorations, patients are less likely to experience discomfort or irritation associated with ill-fitting dental prosthetics. This can improve the overall experience of wearing dental implants and enhance patient satisfaction.
Long-Term Durability: SprintRay's advanced materials are designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing patients with dental implant arches that are built to withstand daily wear and tear. This can contribute to the longevity of the restorations and reduce the need for frequent replacements.

Overall, the SprintRay 3D printing system for dental implant arches offers patients the benefits of improved accuracy, customization, faster turnaround times, biocompatible materials, minimized discomfort, and long-term durability, ultimately leading to enhanced oral health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Benefits for the Clinician

The SprintRay 3D printing system for dental implant arches offers dentists several key benefits:
Precision: Ensures accurate and precise replication of dental implant arches, leading to optimal fit and function for patients.
Customization: Allows for personalized treatment solutions tailored to each patient's unique oral anatomy and needs.
Streamlined Workflow: User-friendly software interface and integration with digital dentistry workflows simplify the design and production process, saving time and effort.
Reduced Turnaround Time: High throughput capabilities enable faster production of dental implant restorations, resulting in shorter waiting times for patients.
Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces material wastage and production costs compared to traditional methods, allowing for competitive pricing of high-quality restorations.
Access to Advanced Materials: Offers a range of biocompatible materials optimized for strength, durability, and aesthetics, enhancing treatment options.
Enhanced Practice Reputation: Positions the practice as modern and innovative, attracting patients seeking advanced treatment options and contributing to practice growth.

Image of Intraoral Scanner used at Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery

Trios 5 Intraoral Scanner

The TRIOS 5 intraoral scanner is a cutting-edge digital tool used in dentistry for capturing highly accurate 3D images of patients' teeth and oral structures. The TRIOS 5 is a state-of-the-art digital tool that offers high precision imaging, real-time visualization, fast scanning, comfort for patients, compatibility with CAD/CAM systems, color scanning, and an open system architecture, making it an invaluable asset in modern dental practices for accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and fabrication of dental restorations.

Benefits for the Patient

The TRIOS 5 intraoral scanner enhances the patient experience by providing improved comfort, faster appointments, enhanced accuracy, visualized treatment plans, minimized retakes, customized restorations, and a streamlined treatment workflow, ultimately leading to higher patient satisfaction and better oral health outcomes.
Improved Comfort: The scanner's ergonomic design and non-invasive scanning process provide a comfortable experience for patients, reducing discomfort during intraoral scans compared to traditional impression methods.
Faster Appointments: TRIOS 5 enables faster scanning and eliminates the need for messy impression materials, reducing chairside time and shortening overall appointment durations.
Accuracy: The high precision imaging of TRIOS 5 ensures accurate capture of dental impressions, leading to better-fitting restorations and improved treatment outcomes for patients.
Minimized Retakes: With real-time feedback during scanning, any necessary adjustments can be made immediately, reducing the need for retakes and ensuring efficient use of appointment time.
Customized Restorations: The detailed 3D images captured by TRIOS 5 allow for precise customization of dental restorations, resulting in natural-looking and comfortable prosthetics that meet each patient's unique needs.

Benefits for the Clinician

Dentists can benefit from the TRIOS 5 intraoral scanner in several ways:
Efficiency: TRIOS 5 facilitates faster and more efficient dental appointments by eliminating the need for traditional impression materials and reducing chairside time.
Accuracy: The high precision imaging of TRIOS 5 ensures accurate capture of dental impressions, leading to better-fitting restorations and improved treatment outcomes.
Customized Treatment Plans: Dentists can use the detailed 3D images captured by TRIOS 5 to develop customized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique oral anatomy and needs.
Streamlined Workflow: TRIOS 5 integrates seamlessly with CAD/CAM systems, allowing for easy transfer of digital impressions for the design and fabrication of dental restorations, minimizing turnaround time and enhancing practice efficiency.
Patient Satisfaction: By offering a more comfortable and efficient intraoral scanning experience, dentists can improve patient satisfaction and retention, leading to a positive reputation and increased referrals.

Overall, the TRIOS 5 intraoral scanner enables dentists to enhance efficiency, accuracy, patient communication, treatment customization, workflow integration, and patient satisfaction, ultimately leading to better practice outcomes and improved patient care.

Image of ICam4D used at Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery


Mountain State Oral & Facial Surgery solves the problem of multi-unit implant issues with the iCam4D in-office scanning service. By utilizing a combination of photogrammetric and structured light scanning techniques, iCam4D is able to capture precise 3D data.

The positioning and orientation of the implants are determined using special scan bodies called iCamBodies, which are equipped with 3D coding.

Once the dental scans are completed, the results will be sent to the dental lab. The data will include precise angles, distances, and positions of the implants, with an accuracy range of 10 to 15 microns. This scanning system is compatible with all standard multi-unit abutments, making it a versatile tool for any splinted implant case. It’s particularly well-suited for large-span implant-supported dentures or bridges.

Benefits for the Patient

No stress due to the taking of the impressions. The iCam4D system is fast and comfortable when compared to traditional methods.
Try-ins are eliminated because parts will fit perfectly.
Improved comfort of the patient due to the improved quality of the fit of the final restoration.
Possibility of shorter treatment times as early load protocols are much more feasible.

Benefits for the Clinician

With an accuracy of 10 to 15 microns, the fit is perfect eliminating re-tries.
Passive fit of the framework diminishes the need for prosthesis adjustments.
Significant savings in chair time due to the ease of placing the scan bodies and the relatively quick scan time.
Possibility of having a fully digital workflow.
Predictable outcome.
Elimination of costs for impression materials used in taking conventional impressions on multi-implants.

Digital X-rays

A dental x-ray is an essential diagnostic tool for any oral surgeon. In the past, x-rays required film slides, complete with a long and tedious development process. These days, we use digital x-rays due to their numerous advantages over traditional methods.

Digital x-rays omit up to 90% less radiation than a film x-ray. They also allow us to magnify or manipulate the image to gain a more comprehensive overview of your oral structures. Without the film development process, we can retake an x-ray instantly and share them electronically, all without affecting the environment.

3D Cone Beam

When a digital x-ray fails to provide enough information, our doctors may order a cone beam CT scan. A CBCT scan is another form of digital radiography that gives us an even more detailed look at your oral and maxillofacial structures. With CBCT scans, we get a 3D representation of your teeth, bone, gums, and other soft tissues.

CBCT scans allow us to better determine the root cause of a symptom or problem. They also allow us to develop more precise surgical plans for dental implants, tooth extractions, bone grafting, gum grafting, and many other restorative procedures. In other words, CBCT and 3D imaging have revolutionized the way we perform oral surgery.

X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation

The X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation system works in unison with cone beam 3D imagery to give us a live video overlay not only of your jaw, bone, and teeth but our drilling tools in relation to them. The X-Guide shows us the exact angle, depth, and placement of every action we take in your mouth in real time. This gives us the ability to precisely control the placement of every implant procedure we perform.

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