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Wisdom Tooth Removal Hurricane WV

Both the top and bottom jaw have a set of four adult teeth situated at the very back of the mouth which are called third molars.

Wisdom teeth extraction refers to the surgical removal of these molars
that often erupt anywhere from the ages of 17 to 21.

At Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery, we are experienced in wisdom teeth extraction and will ensure safe removal while providing proper aftercare advice.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Exist?

Wisdom teeth are widely attributed to evolutionary characteristics.

These teeth are believed to have been useful in the past, given the lifestyle that early humans lived and the food they ate.

Hard nuts, crunchy leaves, and raw meat were common in our ancestors' diets, leading scientists to conclude that they required the use of their wisdom teeth.

Forks and knives have made it possible to prepare and slice food into more manageable portions for modern dining.

Therefore, wisdom teeth are seen as superfluous additions to the human body.

When Wisdom Teeth Extraction is Needed

There are several possible indicators of the need for wisdom teeth removal .

If you struggle with molar decay, gum disease, bone fracture, and food impaction within the wisdom teeth region, it might be time to have your wisdom teeth removed.

The Removal Process

Before determining whether or not to pull your wisdom teeth, our oral surgeon in Hurricane, WV will inspect them and take x-rays to determine their precise location.

We will also discuss the various types of sedation that are available to you.

Wisdom teeth extractions can be performed under local, intravenous, or general anesthetic, depending on the patient.

A local anesthetic will be administered by our dentist to sedate your teeth and gums.

An incision must be made to uncover the teeth buried beneath the gums and bone in the case of impacted wisdom teeth.

Our oral surgeon will expose the wisdom teeth, loosen them, and remove them from the gums and bones with care.

The surgeon will next clean the area and patch up the incision.

Sutures placed normally dissolve on their own within a few days.

Woman experiencing wisdom tooth pain holding her cheecks Mountain State Oral and Facial Surgery in Hurricane, WV

The Aftercare Process

Avoiding hot foods will help you recover faster, as it is dangerous to consume anything hot following surgery since it could burn the incision.

You should consume all of your meals in accordance with our post-op guidelines.

Food may become caught at the surgery incision if you are not cautious, contributing to infection.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Teays Valley

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Wisdom Tooth Removal Hurricane, WV | Mountain State OMS
Our experts in Hurricane, WV are experienced in wisdom teeth extraction and will ensure safe removal while providing proper aftercare instructions. Call today!
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